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YBH Consultants Ltd Complaints Resolution Process

Our complaints procedure ensures swift resolution for customer concerns.

Step 1

Call YBH Consultants Ltd on 0330 053 3594 so that we can discuss your complaint and help find a satisfactory solution.

You can also email us at complaints@ybhconsultants.com or write to:
Complaints Team,
YBH Consultants Limited,
89-93 Manningham Lane,
West Yorkshire,
BD1 3BN.

We’ll carry out a full review of all the actions we’ve taken and all correspondence between us. We will always use our best endeavours and will work with you to resolve your complaint and keep you informed through to the resolution.
We will try to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.
We will give you an explanation and an apology for any problems and/or any inconvenience we have caused you and take action to put things right.

Step 2

In the unlikely event that our specialist team have been unable to resolve your complaint or you remain unhappy you can ask for your complaint to be referred to our Managing Director and request that they contact you by phone or letter. Alternatively you can email

 imdad.hussain@ybhconsultants.com or write to:

Mr Imdad Hussain,
YBH Consultants Limited,
89-93 Manningham Lane,
West Yorkshire,
BD1 3BN.

If you’ve followed steps 1 and 2 and remain unhappy or we haven’t been able to resolve your complaint, the Executive Complaints Team will refer your complaint to our Directors for review.
Our Directors will look into how we’ve handled the complaint, what advice we’ve given you and what we’ve offered to do to see if we should do anything differently. We will let you know what the outcome of the decision is and the reasons for our decision. You’ll then receive a Final Deadlock Response letter explaining our final position.

If you have had an unresolved complaint for more than 8 weeks about a gas or electricity broker/company or are not satisfied with our Final Deadlock Response Letter then the Energy Ombudsman can help. Their service is free to you to use and is impartial.

Website: www.ombudsman-services.org | Email: enquiry@energyombudsman.org
Phone: 0330 440 1624

Post: Energy Ombudsman
P.O. Box 966
WA4 9D

YBH Consultants Ltd is continuously committed to making improvements to our service.